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Growing our presence in the Defence Industry, JLB-Yaran is providing a diverse range of professional services throughout the sector. Delivering qualified and experience specified personnel to CASG and Defence Primes, JLB-Yaran is also committed to developing opportunities and long-term professional careers for our Indigenous talent.

  • Integrated Logistics Support Management

    JLB-Yaran’s expert team of logisticians are able to provide Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) management services throughout the full spectrum of the capability life cycle. JLB-Yaran employees are able to adequately perform key ILS functions including the development of support requirements, controlling and evaluating logistic support analysis, development of ILS documentation and are able to take responsibility for the management and coordination of project ILS teams. As a devoted employer of ex-service personnel, JLB-Yaran are able to provide professional ILS managers who have experience working in a logistics environment performing functions such as acquisition ILS, in-service logistics, sustainment and asset management. The JLB-Yaran team also provides the additional capability of having experienced end users who thoroughly understand Defence systems and requirements.

  • Engineering & Technical Services

    JLB-Yaran’s engineering specialists are equipped with professional engineering qualifications which enable them to provide engineering solutions across the required DSS panel skill sets such as systems and software engineering, technical engineering and through an extensive array of specialist engineering facets.

    JLB-Yaran’s growing Engineering capability is led by qualified professionals delivering Systems and Specialist Engineering services into CASG Programs such as the Future Submarine Program (FSP). Supporting Acquisition and Sustainment Programs across Defence, our Engineering and Technical experts support Program Management and Materiel Logistic requirements whilst delivering the key needs in the Specialist and Systems Engineering fulfill. JLB-Yaran supports the transition of ADF Engineers into the Defence Industry and provides professional development opportunities to ensure the placement into CASG for Operational Engineering Managers is tailored for the individual prior to placement.

  • Commercial Services

    JLB-Yaran’s team of highly experienced and competent commercial professionals can assist with all commercial requirements. These requirements are not limited to; Strategic Business Advice, Procurement Evaluation Support, Liability Risk Analysis, Supplier and Product Compliance Assurance as well as provide assistance with Contractual Options and Tender Development.  JLB-Yaran consultants understand the importance of driving efficiencies, maximising opportunities, managing risk and acquiring value for money for their clients.  Additionally, the JLB-Yaran procurement team are highly qualified and professional consultants that have experience in all aspects of procurement. From one-off procurement to supply chain development to category development and strategic procurement, JLB-Yaran work with our clients to understand their requirements in order to achieve planned outcomes. JLB Yaran’s point of difference is our commercial and procurement consultant’s ability to adapt to the culture, processes and requirements of our clients to ensure a seamless integration to maximise the driving of value for every commercial or procurement activity.

  • Program Management Services

    JLB Yaran’s team of certified Project Management professionals have the requisite knowledge, skills and tools to partner our clients through all stages of the Project/Programs lifecycle. JLB-Yaran is committed to providing the Defence Industry with skilled consultants who are able to provide program and project management support, project risk and issue management, project scheduling, process definition improvement as well as project and life-cycle costing management. JLB-Yaran understands that the delivery of Defence projects or programs within the prescribed schedule, within budget and of specified quality is the result of the successful integration and application of Program Management frameworks and systems. In order to ensure we achieve this, JLB-Yaran recruit consultants who are ADF and Defence experienced personnel as well as ensuring the continual enhancement of their project management skills through substantial professional development allowance as part of their employment contracts.

  • Supply Chain Management Support

    JLB-Yaran’s team of highly experienced logistics and supply chain professionals specialise in functions such as supply chain analysis, inventory optimisation and planning, compliance assurance and logistics support analysis. JLB-Yaran understand the importance and benefits of an optimised supply chain as well as the efficiencies gained in an inventory which has been rationalised to meet a client’s supportability requirements. With a veteran rich workforce, JLB Yaran consultants have experience in providing analysis on performance, management and optimisation of Defence supply chain activities. In addition, JLB-Yaran can also meet our clients Defence Logistics Information Management System operator needs by providing highly skilled and qualified individuals to manage or support all Logistics Information Systems (LOGIS) requirements in both acquisition and sustainment project office.

  • Indigenous Development & Employment Program (IDEP)

    JLB-Yaran is passionately striving to achieve our strategy of increasing the representation of Indigenous talent to Government, State Infrastructure Projects, Defence and Defence Industry by providing meaningful pathways for development and employment. Our Indigenous Development and Employment Program will grow our Indigenous workforce by providing opportunities for talented and ambitious Indigenous Australians to develop their professional skills and experience. Part of our strategy is to train Indigenous employees in our professional service offerings, by providing on the job training opportunities under the guidance of qualified and experienced consultants. JLB-Yaran have strong Indigenous representation at all levels of our organisation who play a major role with mentoring and cultural support services for our Indigenous workforce.

  • Veterans Employment Services

    As a proud Veteran owned company, JLB-Yaran is committed to employing, developing and championing a strong veteran workforce. We are committed to supporting Veterans transitioning out of the ADF to ensure our sector retains the valuable skills and experiences only Veterans have. With professional development funding and a sophisticated career management system, JLB-Yaran believes in continuous professional development to support Defence’s growing requirements into the future. JLB-Yaran also supports the ADF Reserves by ensuring we support our Veteran employees stay active ADF Reservists if they choose to continue serving in the ADF post separation.

  • JLB-Yaran’s Project Portfolio Management

    JLB-Yaran’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software not only allows us the ability to deliver projects utilising a market leading project delivery platform but it also allows us to provide our clients easy access to review live reports and schedule updates throughout the period of our project delivery. Built on the three main pillars of Transparency, Control and Results, JLB-Yaran understands the importance of producing exceptional results for our clients and that is why our PPM delivers a unique solution to your project management needs. Transparency through the project life cycle is key to ensure that company executives have visibility on all aspects of their portfolios and projects. Control is key to ensure company executives can mandate the common set of processes and fit for purpose governance framework to all types of projects. Finally, Results allow our clients to track thew whole of life project delivery and benefits – ensuring that a project is not closed until the client’s business benefits have been realised. JLB-Yaran’s PPM Software ensures that all aspects of project management are managed in the one platform, allowing us to meet our client’s needs in the most efficient and effective manner.

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