From inception through to benefits realisation, Focus HQ is a whole-of-life benefits and project delivery platform.

Key Features

Focus HQ is more than a project management application. It is a crafted toolkit specifically designed with a focus on tracking project benefits to give C-suite executives everything they need to take control of their portfolios. JLB-Yaran not only deliver all our projects using the Focus HQ capability, we also provide access to our clients to review live reports and schedule updates throughout the period of our delivery. Focus HQ is also the management tool used to manage our Indigenous Development & Employment Program for clients and Government to view and track as required. Focus HQ delivers a unique PPM solution by focusing on the:


C-suite executives have visibility from top down and bottom up to all aspects of portfolios and projects. Focus HQ provides a single source of truth at every level of the project hierarchy (project, program, portfolio, etc). Project data automatically rolls-up following the hierarchy levels for reporting purposes (eg. Project RAG status, schedule updates, budget, benefit, risk, issue etc). Stakeholders are presented with key information to facilitate faster and more proactive decision making.


C-suite executives can mandate the common set of processes and fit-for-purpose governance framework to all types of projects (commercial, internal, external, revenue growth, cost reduction, strategic imperative, data integrity, user access control, approval authority and so on) — the big, the small, the simple, the complex, and the agile.


C-suite executives can track the whole of life project delivery and benefits (financial, quantitative, qualitative). Project benefit alignment can be mapped to organisational goals or delivery outcomes. A project is not closed until actual business benefits have been realised.

A single source of truth

Focus HQ makes sure that everything is managed in one platform (ideas, delivery, benefits & roll-up reporting), which is proven to enhance corporate memory. Importantly, the data in the platform is live, which means that both C-suite executives and project managers can enter and interrogate data in real time, fostering a culture of accountability and facilitating cultural change for delivery success.




Focus HQ is extremely simple to implement. Even someone who has never run projects before can navigate around the solution and be running their own project within 8 hours from introduction.

Whole-of-life benefits

Benefits realisation and tracking against original goals and business intent across the entire lifecycle.

Faster and better PPM decision making and prioritisation

Real-time visibility of data to stakeholders (single source of truth) reduces overspend, time delays and non-delivery

Team productivity

Reduction in reporting efforts. No time spent validating data from multiple sources.