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Case Studies

  • Joel Ettridge

    Director - Professional Services

    Joel Ettridge

    Director - Professional Services

    Joining the Navy from Alice Springs, Joel was attracted to a career as a Maritime Logistics Officer to serve his country and see the world. Joel’s early career focused on delivering operational logistics support to maritime capabilities both at sea and ashore, which afforded him the opportunity to deploy to the Middle East and other areas of operation on a number of occasions.  Joel’s career focus changed after being posted to the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) as the Navy logistics representative within the Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) Program, where he developed and honed his Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Project Management skills and experience. With his extensive operational experience combined with ILS and Project Management expertise, Joel transitioned from the Navy to Industry where he continued to support CASG as an Integrated Logistics Support Manager in the AWD Program Management Office to successfully deliver the three Air Warfare Destroyers and the DDG Support System into service.

    Joel’s association with JLB-Yaran has been longstanding and started in 2017 when the Company sought his assistance to deliver Project Management support to the Defence Science and Technology Group. Having a passion for Indigenous advancement, Joel continued to assist JLB-Yaran develop its Professional Services capability to break down barriers and develop opportunities for Indigenous involvement and employment within Defence Industry.

    Joel continues to support JLB-Yaran strategically as a Director on the board and operationally through delivering ILS and Project Management expertise as part of the JLB-Yaran team supporting the SEA1000 Future Submarine Program, which will deliver the next generation submarine capability to the Navy.




  • Mitchell Metcalf

    Project Manager

    Mitchell Metcalf

    Project Manager

    Mitchell Metcalf served in the Royal Australian Air Force for 13 years as a Logistics Officer. During his time in service, he was posted to air movement, logistics system policy and foreign procurement units in both technical and command positions. Mitchell also served on three different operational deployments in Kuwait, Japan and the United Arab Emirates providing a range of logistics planning, humanitarian and air services support .This experience enabled Mitchell to gain an appreciation of the joint environments and range of logistics support to Defence

    Like many veterans, location stability became Mitchell’s priority and one of reasons for transitioning out of the military. When considering his prospects after leaving, Mitchell recognised that he had more to offer Defence and wanted to leverage his experienced with Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG) to other projects. It was fortunate that Mitchell was approached by Hayden Surrao, JLB-Yaran’s Director – Veteran Support and an opportunity was available at JLB Yaran to provide Project Management services to Land Systems Division in Melbourne. Mitchell was very impressed with the companies support to transitioning veterans, workplace culture and strategy to provide greater Indigenous participation to Defence Industry.

    Mitchell worked with JLB Yaran to develop a excellent opportunity with the Heavy Armoured Capability Systems (HACS) Project as a Integrated Logistics Support Manager in 2020. HACS is responsible for the major acquisition of the upgraded Abrams Tank and various Combat Engineering Vehicles from the United States Government. The position enabled Mitchell to focus his career and develop his technical knowledge in Foreign Military Sales from the Royal Australian Air Force.

    Mitchell is a proud member of the JLB Yaran family and keen to support the company’s vision

  • Kate Lloyd

    Project Manager

    Kate Lloyd

    Project Manager

    Kate Lloyd served in the Australian Regular Army for over 10 years as a Transport Corps Officer. Throughout her time in service, Kate was posted to medium and heavy transport units and training establishments in both instructional and command positions. Kate also fulfilled a deployment to the Middle East as the Second-in Command of a logistics support element.

    Kate joined the JLB-Yaran team in March 2021; however, this was not immediately after transitioning from the ADF. Kate transitioned from Defence at the start of 2020 and prior to joining JLB-Yaran, she undertook two roles outside of the military as a Logistics Manager at Pine Gap and also a Transition Manager on a cyber project in Canberra. During this time, Kate did not feel her defence skills and civilian qualifications were appropriately understood or used to their full capacity, and as a result she sought to find a company and role that had a better understanding of what she had to offer as a Defence consultant.

    In January 2021, Kate reached out to JLB-Yaran through an expression of interest after hearing of the strong reputation and values of the Company. She was keen to explore options with JLB-Yaran as the company’s management team had a comprehensive understanding of her skills (both civilian and military). She was also interested in JLB-Yaran as their values and visions meant she would have the chance to be mentored and developed whilst also being able to share her own knowledge and experience with others through the Indigenous mentoring initiatives that JLB-Yaran offer.

    Throughout the JLB-Yaran recruitment process, Kate was provided with appropriate guidance by JLB-Yaran management on where her military skills and industry experience would be best utilised within the project management stream whilst also allowing her the opportunity to develop her skills and experience through employment in the correct job role.

    Kate is currently working on AIR6502-1 as the Deputy Project Manager, with the project seeking to provide a deployable Medium Range Ground Based Air Defence capability as part of the wider AIR6500 Program. To date, Kate has assisted the team in working towards achieving Gate 1 in 2022, working with a combination of Defence, APS and contracting staff to achieve this milestone.

    Kate is excited to represent JLB-Yaran in CASG and develop her skills and knowledge in the project, in particular learning about the intricacies within the capability lifecycle along the way. She is keen to enhance her skills as a project manager through not only experience, but also by leveraging off the professional development opportunities offered by JLB-Yaran including courses and study.





  • Andy Saccoia

    ILS Manager

    Andy Saccoia

    ILS Manager

    Andy Saccoia is a Royal Australian Navy Veteran having served 7 years as a Maritime Logistics – Supply Chain Sailor. His Navy career which included a deployment to the Middle East Area of Operation – in support of Operation Manitou in 2014 and three postings onboard HMAS Ships Huon, Kanimbla and Parramatta where he developed his knowledge of supply chain management, procurement, warehousing and logistics. Andy’s Military experiences enabled a smooth transition into Industry with his extensive knowledge of Defence’s Supply Chain Management procedures and policies, the RAN’s Ships Inventory Management System (SLIMS) and the Defence Inventory Management System – MILIS provided pathways into CASG Project positions. A confident and competent Supply Support Manager, Andy is now developing his Project Management skillset to further develop his expertise and delivery to future Defence requirements.


    Andy is proud to be acknowledged as JLB-Yaran’s first Consultant and a major part of our company success. Joining JLB-Yaran in 2018, Andy was contracted to support a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) lead position to support the outfitting of the Shipboard Allowance List (SAL) for the newly commissioned HMAS Brisbane in the Procurement team for the Air Warfare Destroyer Project. Hopeful this start with JLB-Yaran would lead to career development opportunities, he quickly developed his Consulting skills and enhanced his reputation as a reliable and competent ILS Operator.


    Currently supporting the DDG Supply Chain Establishment Project at Naval Construction Branch in Osborne, Andy is continuing to support Maritime Capability Programs. The current project he is assigned to is due to complete later this year. The capability will secure the supply chain for the DDG’s and will include the supply of Good and Services, ensuring firm pricing and lead-time. This will facilitate future forecasts de-risking the inoperability of the RAN’s most lethal assets.


    A motivated professional with a determination to develop his skillset, Andy has completed a Diploma of Logistics and Project Management since joining JLB-Yaran and has now begun a Graduate Certificate in Project Management and has a professional development plan which is progressing towards a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Supported by JLB-Yaran’s Professional Development Policy and allowance, Andy’s growing capability will continue to support Defence’s growing requirement into the future.




  • Leanne Bristow

    ILS Practitioner

    Leanne Bristow

    ILS Practitioner

    Leanne Bristow served in the Australian Regular Army for 7 years before transitioning to the Army Reserves where she is in her fourth year as an active Reserve member for the 9th Battalion in Brisbane. As a well-respected member of the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps, Leanne fulfilled the role as an Operator Supply Chain serving domestically and on operations internationally in both the United Arab Emirates and Iraq. On operational deployment, Leanne provided mission essential logistics support to the war fighter, ensuring that they were sustained across all supply commodities.

    Following her Australian Regular Army service, Leanne has fulfilled full time employment in freight forwarding and within the mining sector before deciding to join the JLB-Yaran team in 2020. With skills and qualifications gained within the ADF, Leanne has been able represent JLB-Yaran as a Logistics Consultant in the Integrated Logistics Team managed by Team Downer on the LAND-200 project. Leanne has been able to draw upon her past experience which has enabled her to become a valued member of the LAND-200 project team. Her strong understanding of Defence Logistics and Defence operating systems has ensured her transition into project work was a seamless process.

    As an Ex-Veteran, Leanne understands the responsibilities and challenges that can present themselves when transitioning from the Full-Time ADF into civilian employment. However, Leanne is quick to attest that JLB-Yaran assisted her with her transition and have continued to support her work as an active reserve member. She is confident that JLB-Yaran understands the importance of her reserve service.

    Outside of her full-time employment, Leanne has been able to recently complete her Graduate Certificate in Management which compliments her Bachelor of Business specialising in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  In addition, with the support of JLB-Yaran Leanne is currently completing courses to ensure continual enhancement of her skills, ensuring they are appropriately aligned so she can most effectively complete her support to the LAND-200 project. In the future, she intends to seek out more opportunities through JLB-Yaran’s professional development commitment to fulfil her career ambitions.



  • David Bianchi

    ILS Manager

    David Bianchi

    ILS Manager

    David Bianchi started his engineering career undertaking a Fitting and Turning apprenticeship in Melbourne as well as studying a diploma in Mechanical engineering and an advance diploma of Mechanical Engineering – Principle Technical officer. David’s time at tafe allowed him to articulate into the last two years at University where he undertook a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

    While studying at Tafe and University David, worked in the Cycling industry and later transitioned to the Defence industry working below the line for Navantia Australia as mechanical engineer. During Davids employment at Navantia Australia, he worked on Engineering design, Test and Activation, Engineering procurement and Project Tender opportunities on the LHD, LLC, AWD and AOR programs. David was appointed the Procurement manager for Navantia Australia, where he worked on Navantias procurement activities for Australian Naval project, but also in commercial and Business development roles for the company. David moved to Adelaide for his procurement role, where Navantia set up their technical office.

    David left Navantia and joined a small company called Scientific Management Associates (SMA) where he honed in on his ILS skills which include Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analysis, Failure Analysis (FMEA and FMECA), LSA (RCM, LORA, MTA, Publications), UUC development, and LCC management. While working for SMA, worked above the line on the SEA4000 AWD program and below the line on projects for SMA.

    David worked on the AWD Acquisition Program as a Platform Systems Engineering Lead, undertaking ILS activities (Publications), Technical Assurance activities (ECP evaluation, JSL and pressure vessel evaluations, Certified items assurance, OAL technical assurance, technical support to procurement and T&A) and Growth, evolution and Obsolescence management. David s below the line work for SMA included RAM analysis (during design and support phases), FMEA/FMECA, RCM analysis, LORA Analysis and Maintenance Task Analysis, Usage Upkeep Cycle development which include work on programs and projects for Land, Air and Sea.

    After SMA was taken over by KBR, David transitioned from the AWD program to Naval Construction Branch where he performed similar task above the line. David also undertook the same ILS activities when transitioning employment to KBR.

    David left KBR and undertook an exciting new career with JLB-Yaran, working on the Future Submarine Project (FSP) as an ILS Platform Systems Specialist. David’s role in the Support Directorate on FSP was an assurance and governance role which included ILS activities centred around Procurement, LSA, RAM, Growth, Evolution and Obsolescence, ILS requirement, Maintenance Concept development and UUC.

    David is currently working on the demobilisation of the FSP, but is very keen to keep representing JLB-Yaran in CASG in the engineering and ILS domain.


  • Josh Sims

    Project Management Services & Support

    Josh Sims

    Project Management Services & Support

    Josh Sims served in the Royal Australian Navy for 15 years as a Maritime Logistics Officer. In a broad career, he was posted to numerous ships while attaining his Charge Qualification, and also completed operational postings in South Sudan and Afghanistan. In addition to his time at sea and overseas, Josh had exposure to the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) and Joint Logistics Command (JLC) through postings in these areas of Defence. This professional exposure, complemented by tertiary education in Business and Project Management, has prepared Josh well for a career with JLB-Yaran. Since joining the team, Josh has been able to apply the skills and knowledge he developed in uniform, such as stakeholder engagement, communication, capability sustainment and capacity for work, and has also built on his skills and knowledge of Project, Risk and Financial Management in the Defence environment.

    Facing the daunting task of leaving the Navy after 15 years, Josh was grateful to receive continual support and advice from JLB-Yaran throughout the process of transitioning from Defence. This included advice on further training and research that would be beneficial, as well as assistance in developing a CV that would appropriately capture his experience and value to Defence Industry. Josh also conducted work experience with JLB-Yaran under the Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS), which was highly beneficial for both parties. Josh was keen to remain in Defence and apply his skills and knowledge in a civilian capacity, which made JLB-Yaran a great fit. He is also proud to be contributing to the company strategy of increasing Indigenous participation in Defence Industry.

    Josh is currently supporting the Battlespace Communications Operations Group (BCOG) across various projects as a Commercial Contracting Officer. BCOG is responsible for acquiring and sustaining a range of deployable communications systems used by the ADF. To date, Josh has been working in project teams to develop and refine contractual arrangements between Defence and Industry to ensure capability is acquired and sustained in a way that achieves value for money for Defence, while also supporting Australian Industry.

    Josh is keen to continue to represent JLB-Yaran in CASG while developing as a Project and Program Manager. It is an exciting time to be involved in the various domains of CASG, with numerous programs underway to deliver world-class capability for the Australian Defence Force. JLB-Yaran takes an active role in the professional development of consultants and Josh has shown a desire to continually upskill through courses, study and professional associations in the future.




  • Shane Wallace

    Defence Training Systems SME

    Shane Wallace

    Defence Training Systems SME

    Born and raised in the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales, Shane is a current serving Training Systems Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. He recently joined the JLB-Yaran team in June 2021 as the Learning and Development Officer.

    Shane’s professional career begun as a PDHPE teacher in secondary schools across the Shoalhaven region. Wanting more of a challenge, he joined the RAN in 2009. Shane has served over 12 years and continues to provide full time effective service for the Navy.

    Shane’s military career has seen him serve in ab-inito training, naval aviation, overseas deployment and training operations. Shane’s career highlights include playing in the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Defence Force, and World XI cricket teams; Lead Instructor Leadership where he was responsible for delivering leadership theory, running field exercises and facilitating adventure training activities for the Royal Australian Naval College; and his posting to HMAS Success where he deployed overseas on Indo-Pacific 19 as the Training Officer.

    Shane is looking forward to using his Training Systems Specialist experience to strengthen the educational and professional development pathways for Indigenous talent in Australian Defence Industry.

    Shane is an Australian College and Physical Education and Royal Australian Naval College graduate. He was awarded a Bachelor of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education and has his eyes set on obtaining a Master’s degree in the future.

    The South Coast of NSW is home for Shane, his wife Summa, and their daughter Imogen. He enjoys surfing, surfboard shaping, TIG welding, and rock climbing.




  • Hayden Surrao

    Director - Veterans Support

    Hayden Surrao

    Director - Veterans Support

    Hayden joined in the Royal Australian Navy in 2008 as a direct entry Maritime Logistics Officer (MLO). Born and raised in Melbourne, Hayden joined the Navy to serve his nation and develop a career which would allow him to continue his passion for travelling and seeing the world. Professionalising as an Operational Logistician for the Navy throughout his 11 year career, Hayden served on HMAS Arunta and Warramunga where he was lucky enough experience trips out to Alice Springs Tennant Creek, which later would become the significant experiences he credited for his decision to join JLB-Yaran. In addition to his sea postings, Hayden instructed at the Maritime Logistics School, delivered Project Support and Change Management to the JP2077 MILIS Program and managed the Maritime Systems sustainment for the LOGIS SPO. The highlight of Hayden’s ADF career was an exchange posting to the US Navy where he was the OIC at the Fleet Logistics Center at Naval Air Station Mayport in Jacksonville Florida for two years, before returning to Australia and transitioning out of service in early 2019.

    During Hayden’s transition out of the ADF, he experienced unknowns many Veterans feel during that daunting period. Lucky enough to experience CASG postings during his career, Hayden understood his skills and experience would be valuable to CASG Programs and reached out to Major Service Providers (MSP) to CASG before being contacted by JLB-Yaran. Brendan, Joel and Sean from JLB-Yaran who had worked with Hayden during their Navy careers, presented Hayden with a unique opportunity to join the company as a Business Development Manager and help grow their evolving company. Although not the Consulting career Hayden was initially pursuing, JLB-Yaran presented an opportunity for Hayden to develop his knowledge, understanding and professional competencies in the Defence Industry while delivering growth opportunities for JLB-Yaran. The significant investment JLB-Yaran made in Hayden has now seen him promoted into the General Manager for the company which has grown considerably over the two years Hayden has led business development.

    “JLB-Yaran’s values and culture align completely with mine. As a Veteran owned company, JLB-Yaran doesn’t just commit to supporting our Veterans, our performance shows we empower our Veterans to understand their significant value and ensure their experiences and skills are retained in our Defence sector. My experience with Indigenous communities during my Naval career also opened my eyes to disadvantages their people face and I’m very proud to support the Government’s ‘Closing the Gap’ strategy by creating opportunities for Indigenous Australians in our Defence Industry through JLB-Yaran’s Indigenous Development and Employment Program (IDEP).” Hayden’s story with JLB-Yaran demonstrates the opportunities within the company is diverse and growing. In addition to Consulting and delivering professional services back to Defence, Business Management, Business Development and mentoring opportunities will exist.





  • Daniel Cooper

    Operations Manager

    Daniel Cooper

    Operations Manager

    Daniel Cooper served in the Australian Regular Army for 8 years as a Logistics Officer. In a broad and diverse career, Daniel has been posted to roles within formation headquarters, special forces and aviation units as well as holding appointments in project management positions, where he has been responsible for coordinating the logistics support plans for Army’s contribution to the ADF’s major training exercise each year. Daniel has also completed operational postings in Fiji and Afghanistan where he has conducted both Humanitarian Aid and Train, Advise, Assist missions on behalf of the Australian Government. Daniel’s diverse experience is complemented by tertiary education in both Business and Project Management, which has been essential in preparing him to assume a project management role for JLB-Yaran. Daniel has been able to lean on his excellent communication skills, strong interpersonal skills and job competency to set himself up for an illustrious career outside of uniform in the Defence Industry.

    When deciding the time was right to transition from the Army, Daniel decided to reach out to his personal networks through his time in the ADF and was put in touch with JLB-Yaran management. During his first engagement with JLB-Yaran, Daniel was provided honest and accurate advice about the required steps which would allow him a smooth transition from Army. After receiving this advice, Daniel applied for work with JLB-Yaran as he was impressed with JLB-Yaran’s initiative to support transitioning veterans as well as their proven ability to support the career aspirations of their employees. He was also impressed by their desire to support the professional development of JLB-Yaran employees.

    Joining the JLB-Yaran team in Jan 2021, Daniel has been assisting our General Manager Hayden, with the enhancement of JLB-Yaran business processes as well as evolving JLB-Yaran’s Veteran Transition Program.

    Daniel is committed to learning the fundamentals of Defence Industry as well as understanding the role that key stakeholders play in supporting today and tomorrow’s warfighter. Daniel has his sights set on being contracted to support Defence Projects in Sydney as well as learn the ‘back-of-house’ processes involved in running JLB-Yaran. Daniel’s long-term goal is to assume a managerial role within JLB-Yaran, driving the vision and strategies outlined by the JLB-Yaran directors.




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