Integrated Logistics Support

The importance of Integrated Logistics Support in delivering the required level of capability within the specified cost of ownership is well understood by JLB-Yaran.


JLB-Yaran’s expert team of engineers and logisticians have the requisite experience and skills across all Integrated Logistics Support disciplines to manage and deliver Integrated Logistics Support products that optimise Mission System and Support System performance, cost, reliability, maintainability, availability and supportability throughout the lifecycle of the capability.


JLB-Yaran’s point of difference is in our multidisciplinary skilled and highly proficient personnel who have a wealth of experience both in the delivery and acceptance of Integrated Logistics Support products. As a devoted employer of ex-service personnel, the JLB-Yaran team also provides the additional capability of having experienced end users who understand Defence systems and requirements.



  • Logistics Support Analysis
  • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance
  • Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis
  • Maintenance and Operational Repair Analysis
  • Level of Repair Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Lifecycle Cost
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Spares Assessment and Optimisation
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Supply Chain Development and Management with MILIS and SLIMS specialists
  • Safety Engineering