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JLB-Yaran is passionately striving to achieve our strategy of increasing the representation of Indigenous talent to Government, State Infrastructure Projects, Defence and Defence Industry by providing meaningful pathways for development and employment. Our Indigenous Development and Employment Program will grow our Indigenous workforce by providing opportunities for talented and ambitious Indigenous Australian’s to develop their professional skills and experience. Part of our strategy is to train Indigenous employees in our professional service offerings, by providing on the job training opportunities under the guidance of qualified and experienced consultants. JLB-Yaran have strong Indigenous representation at levels of our organisation who play a major role with mentoring and cultural support services for our Indigenous workforce.

Although we already employ several Aboriginal Australian’s with exceptional skills and experience in different professional service offerings, we strive to be an employer of choice for all Indigenous Australian’s who will thrive in our development program. Our pioneering strategy to develop skills which our Indigenous employees can use to advance their career, meets the strategic vision our Governments have engaged industry to support. Part of our employment incentive which complements this program, is offering each employee a substantial professional development allowance per annum, to accompany their experience with formal qualifications. We match Indigenous talent, their career aspirations and strengths, with opportunities identified by our Industry partners and develop 5-year career plans to build long-term careers in the chosen field.

Our Indigenous Development and Employment Program is dependent on the support of our clients to identify appropriate opportunities for employment experience to take place under the guidance of qualified personnel. JLB-Yaran management provide the cultural support, full-time employment, career planning and guidance to all candidates in the program, to ensure our candidates receive the required support and mentoring to succeed in this program. Our unique program does provide our clients an opportunity to champion a program which will diversify their workplace and make them more competitive during Government procurement decisions. All companies who would like to learn more, please contact us for a discussion on how this program can be tailored for your needs.

All Indigenous Australian’s interested in exploring career opportunities, are encouraged to complete the Expression of Interest form below or contact our Head Office.

Below is a link to a recent podcast JLB-Yaran recorded at the Defence Connect studio with Navantia Australia. The podcast explains the Indigenous Development & Employment Program in great detail and we highly recommend you have a listen!






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