Why choose JLB-Yaran


At JLB-Yaran, we understand that people are our biggest asset and are critical to the company’s culture and success. We are therefore committed to attracting, developing and retaining talented professionals and offer attractive salaries and benefits to achieve this goal. 

JLB-Yaran are also a company that values diversity, inclusiveness and mateship in driving our culture and encourage and facilitate opportunities to socialise and engage outside of the work environment.

We are passionate about recognising and rewarding personnel whose contributions have made a difference to our clients and our company and we are committed to providing opportunities for people to grow professionally by developing their skills and experience. 

JLB-Yaran is also committed to the development and employment of Indigenous professionals and aim to significantly increase Indigenous expertise and representation across all levels of JLB-Yaran. With significant links to Defence, JLB-Yaran also strives to be a preferred employer of ex-service personnel and can offer personnel transitioning from service meaningful civilian employment that leverages and develops their unique skills and experience. 

Employee Benefits and
Career MAnagement Initiatives

Apart from offering a competitive salary, positive culture and fun working environment, JLB-Yaran also offers the following benefits to our employees: 

  • Flexible Working Conditions
  • Professional Development Opportunities and Leave
  • Loyalty Leave
  • Reserve Leave
  • Professional Membership Fees
  • Novated Leasing and Salary Sacrifice
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Funded Social Activities

JLB-Yaran is also committed to supporting employees by developing their skills professionally. As an employer, we value our biggest assets and recognise their dreams and aspirations. We believe that effective training and development benefits the individual, the company and our clients to ensure continuous high standards of work performance during employment placements. 

JLB-Yaran assists its employees through the development of 5-year career plans which capture our employees’ objective goals, career ambitions and any desired professional development opportunities.  

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