Opportunities in South Australia in the Defence Industry.

Opportunities in South Australia in the Defence Industry.

South Australia is truly set to become the defence state. With the recent announcement that the Australian Space Agency (ASA) will be making its home in Adelaide and the Defence Landing Pad to be located in Adelaide’s new innovation neighbourhood (Lot Fourteen).  There is the Naval Ship building college being built at Osbourne as well as the Naval Ship building projects (worth close to $90 Billion) being done there and some other land-based defence projects that are going on.

With all of these projects starting over the next few years Adelaide is set for an unprecedented jobs boom with a predicted 25,000 jobs to be created to facilitate these defence projects over their lifecycle with at least 60% of these jobs being in specialist trades.

The success of these major projects will require the engagement and development of a highly skilled and qualified workforce in order to maintain the highest international standards at every stage of these major defence initiatives.

This work force will not just be focused on the literal builds of these projects i.e. welders and labourers but will delve deeper and broader into such specialist roles as Integrated Logistics Specialists (ILS), Project Management, Engineering (across all levels), Commercial & Procurement Services, Acquisition and Sustainment Support, Systems Specialists and Cyber Security roles.

JLB-Yaranis an Indigenous Owned Professional Service Provider and Management Consultancy Company that combines Australia’s largest and most experienced management system consultancy, JLB, with one of Australia’s longest operating independent Aboriginal business advisory firms, Yaran Business Services.

JLB-Yaran is a key resourcing partner to Defence, Defence Industry and Government through the placement or secondment of experienced and dedicated professionals.  

Here at JLB-Yaran we have a strong focus on getting veterans into meaningful work within the defence industry on major defence projects that the primes are currently working on around Australia. We would like our veterans to be able to utilise their unique skills, experiences and world class training that they have learnt through their time in the ADF.  

Within the ranks of JLB-Yaran we have decades of ADF experience which gives us a unique insight into what veterans need, in what can be a very stressful point of their life, leaving something that they’ve known for so long. 

Across the country there are approximately 5500 service men and women transitioning out of defence each year, many of which are unsure how the transition back into civilian life will go for them.  Here at JLB-Yaran we want to help with this transition and facilitate our honoured Veterans with this transition back into the civilian workforce with meaningful work as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to be the preferred employer for veterans exiting the ADF.